Winter Is Right Around The Corner

With winter quickly approaching the United States several states need to prepare.  It’s no different from Minneapolis all the way over to Spokane Wa.  If you are in a climate where the weather has a chance of freezing overnight and staying below frozen temperatures throughout the day you will need to make sure your Heater is working.  Proper maintenance can prevent any unexpected break downs from happening.

If you haven’t set up your maintenance I’d suggest you Call Now and get on the schedule.  Winter will be here before you know it and staying inside when it’s harsh cold outside and sipping on a hot chocolate is enjoyment of itself.  Or don’t listen to me and you may still be drinking the hot chocolate but will be shivering the whole time.  Just don’t spill on yourself.


There are plenty of things to do in the winter if you like the snow.  If you enjoy skiing there are several resorts open for this type of activity like Aspen or Vail in Colorado. Maybe you like snowmobiles or tubing.  Whatever it is get outside and enjoy the winter because before you know it summer will be knocking on your door.

Gotta love winter…

We live in a big country don’t we? I mean, if we really want to, we could travel and see all sorts of things. We’ve got desserts, mountains, canyons, swamps, forests, beaches, cities, towns, villages. We’ve got it all, so why limit ourselves?

How about the weather? I live in Dandbury Connecticut, so I’m used to my fair share of weather. We get everything from 100 degree summers to blisteringly cold winters, which include snow drifts, ice and Polar Bears. Well… maybe not Polar Bears… but it gets pretty cold here in the winter. That’s not a bad thing though. I mean I love the winter here in the U.S., especially where I live. In the south obviously winters are a lot milder. For me, winter just isn’t right if there isn’t any snow. Here, and when I’m not snowed in, I get to ski, bob slay, snow board and just about anything else that takes my fancy. I also own a four-by-four, so with a few snow chains slapped on, the things good to go. It’s unstoppable and real good fun to drive when the weather is bad. It has tonnes of grip and can pretty much drive over/through anything.

So, how bad does it get here? Well… it kinda depends what you call ‘bad’. Like I said, it gets very cold… but that’s easily remedied by staying in and wearing the correct clothes. On some years transportation gets disrupted for a week or two when the winter is at its very worst… but like I said… that’s rarely a problem for me. I think the biggest inconvenience is when we get snowed in. Yeah — it happens and we need to take real precautions as we can be stuck in the house for several days.

Most people in my area have an extensive store cupboard for food stuff. It’s best practice to store things that keep for a while. I for one am particularly careful to manage my food stores. I take note of when things are due to expire, eating them before they do go off, if possible.

It’s always wise to invest in a decent snow shovel — do not scrimp on quality, if you do… you could find the thing breaking on you… which is just a world of pain.

Another consideration for when it gets cold… plumbing. One of the first things I did when I moved into my new house, was to check all the plumbing, fixtures and fittings. The last thing you want is for water to freeze in any of your pipes. It’ll cause them to split, which is likely to be a very expensive fix. Typically, this isn’t something one needs to worry about as all mains pipes are buried far beneath the soil; they’re also very well insulated. The only problem I ever had was a hose that I had plumbed in at the back of the house. I didn’t wrap it in foam and the thing slipped open. What a mess… what a mess!