Guarding against Pests in the Winter

Them Nasty Pesks

Winter’s extreme cold is not just uncomfortable for human beings – it is also unbearable for the pests and they could take shelter in your home. Do not be too surprised therefore to discover that as winter sets in your home also has rodents and spiders among other pests. To keep these pests out, make sure that all the cracks on the exterior of your home are sealed. If you are stocking up on firewood, make sure that you keep it a distance from the home as many pests are capable of taking refuge here.

If you plan to keep using your car during winter, you need to make it ready for extreme conditions. You therefore need to equip your car with a first aid kit and also ensure that you stock it with food that could last you a few days. Make sure that you also have a few heavy blankets and an emergency phone.
If you do not plan to use the car, it helps to cover it to keep it from getting damaged by the elements.
Winter preparations should never be taken for granted as without them you might find yourself suffering great discomfort, injury or worse.